Inserted in the Sports Complex of Lagos is the Swimming Pool Complex Consisting of 

3 heated water tanks: 

  • The Competition Tank: 25m long and 17m wide with a depth of 2m; 
  • The Learning Tank: which is divided into 2 tanks; 
  • 1st Tank:17m long and 8 meters wide with 90cm depth. This tank has a massage system that is divided into a jacuzzi, water cannons for cervical and massage for the lumbar area; 
  • 2nd Tank:17m long and 9m wide, the depth varies between 90cm and 0,30m. 


  • Free Use: It is the use of the pool by users who are not enrolled in group activities or with a teacher and who can use any free space in the pool. The expression Free Use implies that the User intends to use the Competition Pool (where almost at any time are reserved lanes for this type of service) but if the other tanks are free, these users can use any of the spaces available in the pool.