FROM THE 25th TO THE 29th MAY 2020


You can restart you´re workout at the Lagos Sport Center.

Today we started the CrossFit classes (at the solarium) and personalized training sessions (PT) outdoor (outside the Sports Complex and Municipal Stadium) for users with personal training sessions in credit or new clients that whant to start this service.

On the 11th of May the RPM classes will reopen, and on the 12th, Local Bike or Step and Zumba (always outdoor). On the 13th LEF RUNNERS restarts.


  • This information applies to all users who paid March; Users who have not paid the month of March, or passers-by, can participate in classes or activities by appointment and pay separately
  • All classes or activities demand pre-booking through the Regibox platform (CrossFit) or by calling 282 780 210
  • Each client can take a maximum of three group classes per week. If the client doesn´t attend a pre-scheduled class or activity, he will be unable to schedule a new class or activity for 3 working days
  • The clients access to classes and activities will be carried out from the outside, directly to their respective spaces
  • All sport activities are prepared by the safety and hygiene rules set out in articles 11 - with the necessary adaptations - and 16 of the Council of Ministers resolution 33-A / 2020, of 30/04 will apply
  • Stay tuned to https://www.lagosemforma.pt and our official Facebook page / lagosemforma
  • To be sure that you will not miss any news, join the lagosemforma group and the LEF RUNNERS group on Facebook.


12th of March 2020

Due to the latest developments related to the Covid-19 pandemic, and together with the Lagos Câmara, we informe of the suspension of all LAGOS-EM-FORMA's sports offer, between the 13th and 28th of March, inclusive.

Additional information will be released soon.

17th of March 2020 

Dear Client,

Please be informed that the payment for the Surface Parking is suspended between the 18th and the 27th of March 2020.

19th of March 2020 (INFO II)

Dear Client,

The Face-to-face service is suspended. 

  • For any matter related to parking, please contact the email tania.machado@lagosemforma.pt or geral@lagosemforma.pt and call 282 798 273 
  • For matters related to sports facilities and sports services, please contact via email geral@lagosemforma.pt and by phone at 282 780 210

16th of March 2020

The access to the Frente Ribeirinha parking will be conditioned, from the 8am tomorrow, March 17th for an indefinite period.
Only admission to valid holders and situations of proven emergency will be allowed. 

19th of March 2020 (INFO I)

Dear Clients,

Due to the suspension of the sport services, since the 12th of March, we inform you that:

  • All the monthly fees charged concerning the month of March will stay on credit in each individual file of the client;
  • In some caises the paid amount may be refunded but there will be a deducting of 2€ concerning the Service Fee;
  • Direct debits are suspended and their reactivation has to be requested at the reception of the Lagos Sport Center as soon as everything comes to normal concerning the Leisure Center services.



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