Swimming School Lessons

The School of Aquatic Activities is part of the Lagos Swimming Pool Complex and offers a wide range of modalities and also free use for all those who enjoy swimming and activities in the aquatic environment. 


Common goals of all classes:

  • Promotion of sport in the aquatic environment ;
  • Raising awareness of the importance of hygiene rules when using the pool ;
  • Comply with the rules stipulated by the teacher before, during and after class ;

  • Promote sports and recreational activities through swimming meetings .

IPF - Baby Swimming Lessons: They are playful classes, aimed at children from 9 to 36 months. It is intended to familiarize the child with the aquatic environment by interacting with someone who is familiar with it. A progression will be made in order to reduce the intervention of the parents, but maintaining their participation. Classes will consist of a minimum number of 8 babies and a maximum 12. They have a duration of 30 minutes. These classes take place on Saturday morning and work in the learning tank.

AMA'S - Adaptation to the Water: Classes designed to develop student skills and adapt to the aquatic environment. Classes with an essentially playful character, in order to familiarize students with water and acquisition of 3 swimming domains: breathing, balance and propulsion. They have a duration of 45 minutes. The number of weekly classes is at the user's discretion, it may be one, two or three times a week. These classes work in learning tank 1 and 2, in most schedules simultaneously. AMA IV classes are transition classes to technical levels (NT), so they work in the competition tank. 

NT'S - Technical level: Classes aimed at learning swimming styles and improving them. These classes work in the competition tank according to the age ranges: 

From 7 to 17 years old: NT Introdutório/ NT Elementar/ NT Avançado

From 18 years ahead: NT Adultos