Personal Trainer (PT)

There are many reasons for people dislike training in Gyms and the best option is the Personal Trainer Service

What is a Personal Trainer? 

A Personal Trainer is a private sport coach aproved by the IPDJ and without a doubt, the best way to improve your physical condition, health and lifestyle. It is a personalized training method, based on a specific physical assessment were your needs and goals and analyzed and achieved. 


  • Faster and more effective results
  • Motivation
  • Commitment
  • Diversified Training
  • Correction
  • Security
  • Overcoming capacity
  • and much more ...


  • Your availability is the most important ;


  • Don't be bothered by other people during your workout ;


  • Reduce the risk of injury by improving your posture while still being covered by personal accident insurance ;

Service for all: 

  • The PT programs are individual, adapted and specific. They can be carried out by anyone, regardless their age or condition; 

Make the most of your time

  • Achieve your goals in less time ;


  • Diversified workouts with different work tools and lot's ofi ncentive by your PT;

Nutritional advice

  • At your disposal there's our Nutritionist Service that advises, organizes and prepares your daily Food Plan.