LAGOS-EM-FORMA has an exercise room at your disposal that you can practice your physical activity in the area of ​​Bodybuilding and Cardiofitness. At the LAGOS EM FORMA Gym you will find three different environments which allows you to train in a relaxed way.

  • Strength and Free Weights Training Area, for training at your own pace, evolving to the desired performance; 
  • Cardiofitness Area with computerized devices where you can train and improve your physical condition (cross trainers, treadmills, bicycles, steps and oars) measuring your levels. It is also great for those who want to start their physical activity and are in a low level of form.

  • Relaxation Area with all the equipment to be able to decompress the training. 

For the more adventurous, LAGOS-EM-FORMA created an indoor climbing wall, with about 300 tusks, which simulates different climbing situations allowing the exploration of different problems in vertical, oblique and ceiling planes.

On the full length of the floor there are mattresses for the safety of the client.

All users initially undergo a process of a Free physical assessment and exercise prescription (workout plan) individually adapted to the needs of each client.

Users are always accompanied by an instructor in the room so that they can achieve their proposed goals.

All of our technicians are aproved by the Portuguese Institute of Youth and Sport (IPDJ).