This class is a mix of Stretching Method with Corrective Exercises.

The main purpose of the conjugation of these two methods is to offer the clients a complete class with a large group pf benefits.

The stretching is increasingly valued due to the knowledge of its importance in preventing injuries and maintaining good posture. Since, in everyday life, we often have an incorrect posture, it is important to spare an hour of the day to perform stretching and postural correction exercises. This reduces the possibility of injuries.

The main benefits of this class are:

  • Improved use of all the body potential;
  • Correction of the body morphology;
  • Release of joints;
  • Decrease in muscle tension and stiffness;
  • Avoidance of joint compression;
  • Increase of the flexibility, mobility and stability.

This method should be integrated into training preparation and recovery from injuries, awkward positions, trauma, and injury prevention behaviour. It is important not to forget that movement, strength, balance, free body and good posture depend on the stretching capacity of our muscles.