Corrective Stretching is the new class prepared for you by our Physiotherapists team 

Lagos em Forma has a new therapeutic activity to its services: Corrective Stretching, which will be promoted by Physiotherapists. 

This modality is a combination of the Stretching method with Corrective Exercises. 

The aim of combining these 2 methods is to provide users with a complete class with an expansive range of benefits, through the presence and constant therapeutic correction. Stretching, or stretching, is increasingly valued, due to the knowledge of its importance in preventing injuries and maintaining good posture. 

Since, at work and day-to-day we often have an incorrect posture, it is important to spend one hour of the day doing stretching and postural correction exercises, thus reducing the possibility of injury.

This has a several of benefits: 

  • Improved use of body potential
  • Correction of body morphology Joint release 
  • Decreased muscle tension and stiffness 
  • Avoidance of joint compression 
  • Increased flexibility, mobility and stability. 

This method should be integrated in the preparation and recovery of training, recovery from injuries, inadequate positions, trauma, and injury prevention behavior. It is important not to forget that it is the ability to stretch our muscles that movement, strength, balance, a free body and good posture depend on.