It is with great pleasure that we present this new service LAGOS-EM-FORMA promoted by the Psychologist Dra.Vanessa Martins.

Duration: 45min

Location: Lagos Sports Complex

Appointment: (pre-appointment is mandatory)

Cost: 25€ a session

This service is indicated for the treatment of symptoms and work your personal skills, both in clinical aspects, as well as sports and physical activity. It seeks not only treatment and monitoring but also prevention. Subjects such as low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, depression or difficulties in mood, financial difficulties, parenting or relationships can be worked on;

themes such as motivation, focus, concentration, resilience, time management, goal setting, mental visualization, positive internal speech are other approaches that can be done in consultation.

In a difficult time with the COVID 19 pandemic, it is important to insist on prevention and work on skills to better adapt to complex circumstances. Make your appointment now through the email