LAGOS-EM-FORMA celebrates 15 years on the 6th and 7th of May 2022Event Program:Day 6 of May - Lagos Leisure Center07H00 to 22H00 - Gym and Pool Free08h00-9h00 Body Pump10h00-19h00 Water Inflatable 11h30-12h30 RPM17h30-18h00 ZUMBA17h30-18h10 FisioPilates18h00-18h30 Power Jump18h15-19h15 CrossFit18h30-19h00 RPM18h30-19h10 FisioPilates19h00 Artistic...

Due to fuel increases and the consequent impact on the operating costs of the facilities, our company will no longer apply the 10% discount on the free use of the swimming pool/gym, with immediate effect.

Atending to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 25A/2022It is no longer mandatory to present a digital certificate for the use of sports facilities and the maximum capacity of users in sports spaces also ends.