Hydrotherapy is Physiotherapy in the aquatic environment

This class has his focus in the health promotion, disease prevention, rehabilitation and disability.

Promotes the physical and psychologic wellness using the therapeutic properties in the rehabilitation of the clients.


  • Promotes muscle relaxation, favoring pain reduction and greater mobility/flexibility;
  • Muscle strengthening through water resistance without weights avoiding injuries in certain clinical conditions;

  • Increased balance/proprioception through the water induced instability;

  • Decreases the impact of gravity on the joints, facilitating movement.


  • Clients with medical prescription for Hydrotherapy;
  • · Clients with physical problems/disfunctions who want an activity with a physiotherapist.

What does the Physiotherapist do?

The physiotherapist assesses the user taking into account movement and posture. It uses the therapeutic effects of water (temperature and impulse) to achieve the desired treatment goals; such as muscle relaxation and the reduction of forces at the level of the joints.

Hydrotherapy Sessions:

  • These sessions can be individual or in group and lasts 45 minutes;
  • · All clients will have to go through an evaluation process with the physiotherapist to start the Hydrotherapy treatments.