HYDROTHERAPY is Physiotherapy in the aquatic environment. 

  • It focuses on health promotion, disease prevention, disability and disability; 
  • Promotes physical and psychological well-being using the therapeutic properties of water in the rehabilitation of users.


  • Promote exercises that do not put pressure on the spine and / or joints; 
  • Encourage users to get to know their bodies, developing self-confidence;
  • Increase knowledge about the main causes and mechanisms of the appearance of pain; 
  • Increase performance and effectiveness in carrying out activities of daily living. 


  • Clients with medical prescription for Hydrotherapy; 
  • Clients with physical problems / dysfunctions who want an activity accompanied by a physical therapist. 

What the Physiotherapist does? 

In the context of Hydrotherapy, the physiotherapist assesses the user taking into account movement and posture. It uses the therapeutic effects of water - temperature and impulse, to achieve the desired treatment goals, such as muscle relaxation and dampening forces at the level of the joints.

Duration of Sessions: Individual and group sessions: 45 minutes. 

  • Clients are grouped and evaluated according to the identified problems and specific needs; 
  • Clients to be able to practice Hydrotherapy will have to go through an evaluation process with the physiotherapist; 

The Hydrotherapy:

  • Improves Posture ;
  • Increases body awareness ;
  • Reduces pain ;
  • Improves blood circulation ;
  • Increases coordination and balance ;
  • Increases flexibility ;
  • Increases muscle strength and endurance .