The Clinic Pilates Method (Fisiopilates) consists in a progressive group of exercises prepared by physiotherapists.

They are prepared for patients with any pathology or postural problem. These sessions can be individual or in group.

The Fisiopilates is based in 6 principles:

1st Concentration;

2nd Breeding;

3rd Control;

4th Centralization;

5th Precision;

6th Movement Fluidity.

These exercises have their focus on the core, corporal conscience, breeding reeducation and improve of the quality of the patient movements. It´s a class to tone the body with the health and live quality improvement has main purpose. The movement coordination and the flexibility of the muscles and tendons are also developed.

The Clinic Pilates Method (Fisiopilates) stimulates the focus and the concentration helping the emotional control and strengthening the body alignment - "healthy body, healthy mind".

This is a method for health promotion, disease prevention, rehabilitation and disability.

The main goals of the Clinic Pilates are:

  • Muscle relaxation, pain reduction and mobility/flexibility promotion;
  • Strengthening of the muscles through the water resistance. Exercises without weights avoiding injuries in certain clinical conditions;
  • Balance improvement and proprioception induced through the water instability;
  • Reduces the impact on the joints facilitation the movement of the patient.

"Health is a normal state. It's a duty not only to achieve it, but also to keep it"

Joseph Pilates